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Conditions and Code of Conduct

In order to operate a network of professional real estate agents and to maintain a ‘clean’ database for both our network subscribers and property listing portal we have set some basic conditions and code of conduct to which we expect all our subscribers to adhere to:

We allow duplications to be published as long as the images and descriptions have not been copied from another agent and that the listing agent is authorised by the vendor to market the property.
Violation may result in immediate suspension and removal from the network.

When a property’s original listing date is older than 6 months and has not been updated during this period, this property will automatically be set to ‘archived’. You will get a notification and you can either re-activate the property, delete it, set the status to sold or under offer.

Our moderators are scanning the database on a regular basis and will make properties unavailable to the network and property portal when:

1) the images are of poor quality
2) the description is too short or misleading

In 2022 we will add an agent rating system to our back-office which will allow agents to rate each other based on their experience of dealing with each other. This information is only visible to our subscribers, not to the outside world.


If you have any doubt or serious reservations about the above, we recommend you not join our network. On the other hand, if you like what you have just read then sign up today. You will not be disappointed.

InmolinkCRM’s priority is the quality of the network, not the quantity of the agents.

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